Dems have slight edge in Colorado early voting |

Dems have slight edge in Colorado early voting

DENVER ” Slightly more Democrats than Republicans have voted in Colorado, either by mail or at early-voting polling places.

State officials said Friday that 219,000 Democrats have cast their ballots, compared with 215,000 Republicans and 131,000 unaffiliated voters.

Those totals represent 20.8 percent of registered Democrats, 20.2 percent of registered Republicans and 12.2 percent of unaffiliated voters.

About 570,000 Coloradans total, including those registered with minor parties, have voted, a turnout of 17.7 percent.

When “inactive voters” ” who didn’t vote in 2006 and didn’t respond to a letter from county officials ” are subtracted, turnout is Democrats 24.6 percent, Republicans 24.4 percent, unaffiliated 16.3 percent and all voters 21.9 percent.

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