Denson civil case goes to mediation |

Denson civil case goes to mediation

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A civil suit seeking unspecified damages for the alleged wrongful discharge of an ex-employee of Vail and Aspen furrier Kathleen “Kathy” Denson will go to mediation next month.Monique Seebacher of Vail filed the suit in January alleging that Denson fired her in July 2002 because she had an affair with Denson’s longtime boyfriend Gerald “Cody” Boyd. The other motive for the wrongful termination was Seebacher’s cooperating with authorities in providing evidence about Denson shooting and killing Boyd at her Draggin A Ranch near Eagle in June last year, the suit alleges.Last month, an Eagle County jury acquitted Denson on second degree murder and manslaughter charges stemming from the shooting that ended the four-year, off-and-on love triangle.A Denver magistrate will determine in October if there is sufficient merit to the suit to go trial and will try to mediate a settlement, according to Seebacher.”I possibly would be open to a settlement, depending on the offers brought forward,” she says.Denson’s civil attorney, Frank Zlogar of Denver, says that a court-ordered mediation session is in the process of being arranged. During mediation, both sides see if the issues can be resolved, he says.The suit seeks damages for the economic losses and emotional distress Seebacher suffered from Denson firing her longtime employee last July. The actual amount of damages would be determined during trial proceedings, Russell Biles, Jr., Seebacher’s attorney, says.Commenting on Denson’s acquittal, Seebacher says, “There’s a lot of evidence that didn’t get presented during the trial.” The case went through the hands of too many different prosecutors, which weakened it, she adds.Seebacher declines to comment on why she returned to work for Denson in late June and early July last year, after Denson killed Boyd, her then live-in lover.In another civil suit related to the Boyd slaying, Jordan Callie Boyd, 13, through her mother Debra Griffith, of Fallon, Nev., is pursuing damages in excess of $100,000 from Denson for the loss of her father.The suit claims that when Denson killed Cody Boyd, Callie Boyd lost a substantial portion of her economic and emotional support.A federal court hearing on the suit is scheduled for Oct. 31, according to Griffith. The civil suit will proceed, despite Denson’s criminal acquittal, she says.”I think everyone can imagine how (Boyd’s) family must feel about it,” Griffith says of the jury’s decision.By Bernie Grauer Vail Trail correspondent

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