Denver: Anarchists plan to disrupt delegates at Pepsi Center |

Denver: Anarchists plan to disrupt delegates at Pepsi Center

Ryan Sabalow
Rocky Mountain News
Vail CO Colorado

PEPSI CENTER ” The same anarchist protesters who Monday night blocked off a downtown street and clashed with officers in riot gear say on their Web site that they plan a similar disruption tonight at the Pepsi Center aimed at stopping delegates from reaching the arena.

The Web site of DNC Disruption 08 says that protesters are to take two different tactics tonight – “snake marches” and blockades.

“Two snake marches will leave from two locations north and south of the Pepsi Center, making their way through downtown in a raucous, festive manner (bring your noise makers!) to delegate entrances at the Pepsi Center,” the site reads. “Should one or both of the marches not reach the security perimeter, the marches will fall back to secondary goals.”

The time and exact locations were not revealed.

The site says the group Unconventional Denver is calling out to other uncommitted “affinity groups” for help.

“With our goal of blockading delegates and holding space, we need affinity groups to decide what roles they can fill to meet this goal,” the site says. “Start planning with your affinity group now about what you are able to do.”

Interested protesters are urged to send out e-mails from anonymous addresses to contact other potential members.

“With this action, there are many different levels of success,” the site says. “First and foremost, the complete abolition of the state (Unconventional Denver will foot the bill on the after-party) is our goal. Barring that, we are seeking to disrupt the convention.”

On Monday night, about 100 protesters were arrested following an un-permitted march that began around in or near Civic Center Park and ended at a wall of officers in riot gear on 15th Street at the intersection of Court Place.

The DNC Disruption 08 Web site says in an entry for Monday that those interested in being a part of the protest were to gather at 6 p.m. at Civic Center Park.

The says to look for “spritely (sic) elves” in orange bandannas who will be giving out “top secret” information on a couple of the choicest fundraisers and parties in Denver.

Folks were encouraged to come play “direct-action games,” and “get some last-minute training before going into action,” the site says.

“When they least expect it, at the appointed time Monday night, we’ll emerge from the shadows to reconvene in downtown and get down and dirty,” the site said.

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