Denver-area crime down during recession; bucks trend |

Denver-area crime down during recession; bucks trend

Associated Press
Denver, CO Colorado

DENVER, Colorado ” Property crimes are down across the metro area, bucking a trend of previous recessions when crime rose as people turned to crime during hard times.

Between 1979 and 1981 when wages dropped 20 percent, reported property crimes nationwide and in Colorado increased 18 percent. Now, despite the country moving into a deep recession, property crimes in Denver dropped 10 percent last year. In neighboring Aurora, property crimes dropped 12 percent, while in Lakewood, thefts increased 8 percent but vehicle thefts dropped 22 percent.

Criminologist Jeff London of Metro State says it may be too early to see if the downward trend holds. He says people don’t become criminals overnight and some who are young, poor and uneducated may turn to crime out of frustration.

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