Denver-area man accused of Duct-taping dog’s mouth |

Denver-area man accused of Duct-taping dog’s mouth

NORTHGLENN, Colorado ” A Northglenn man has been arrested by police for making sure his dog’s bark didn’t have any bite.

Thirty-eight-year-old Michael Dennis Reust faces a felony animal cruelty charge for Duct taping his dog’s mouth shut. Reust told police his dog, named Jay, would not stop barking so he taped its snout shut.

Officers arrested Reust on Monday after someone spotted a yellow dog with Duct tape around its mouth and called police. Officers took Reust to the Adams County jail.

Jay is now living at the Adams County Animal Shelter after being released from a veterinary hospital in good condition. Reust has surrendered ownership of the dog to the shelter.

Northglenn is about 11 miles north of Denver.

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