Denver band meese opens for the Fray in Vail |

Denver band meese opens for the Fray in Vail

Charlie Owen
Vail, CO, Colorado
Special to DailyThe indie-pop rock band, meese, open for the Fray Saturday night at Ford Park. The show is the final installment of the Snow Daze concert series this year.

VAIL ” Patrick Meese said he hates the name of his band ” meese ” even though it’s named after him. It’s too hard to say or spell, he said, even though he knows plenty of people who like it. But love it or hate it, he and his brother Nathan Meese are sticking with it.

And really, it’s probably too late to turn back now, anyway. They’ve already inked a deal with a major record label and released an EP. Their name has spread across the Denver music scene and now Vail is being introduced to them Saturday night, when they open for The Fray at Ford Park for the final Snow Daze concert.

Meese is Patrick on vocals and keys, Nathan on guitar, Benjamin Haley on drums and Mike Ayars on guitar and keys. Patrick and Nathan started the band in 2004 and added Mike and Ben to the lineup a little later.

The four-man band produces hook-laced, fun songs that a crowd can dance to. Patrick, who is not afraid of the fact that his music appeals to a wide audience, took some time to talk to us about meese’s upcoming album and his biggest musical influences.

Patrick Meese: We signed to Atlantic about a year ago and this will be the first full-length under them, coming out probably early March and we’ll start doing the new single in January.

PM: It’s been a long road to get where we are and I think that excitement and anticipation that was there with us while we were recording this album is totally apparent as the underlying theme through the record.

PM: We got along OK most of the time but it wasn’t until Nate moved to Denver that we really started clicking as friends. Since he moved out here it’s been really easy going between me and him for the most part. We’ll blow up on each other probably once every couple weeks, but I think we write really well together … We’re not afraid to tell each other how we really feel whether it’s negative or positive.

PM: I do the lyrics … I’ll write the song and I’ll demo it out, you know, bass, drums, guitar, piano, whatever. Then I’ll show it to Nate and he’ll go ‘What about this?’ or ‘How about this idea?’ and we usually include some of his stuff … and then we’ll give it to the other guys and learn it as a band together.

PM: We tried to come up with band names and everything we came up with was just trying to sound cool, you know. Nothing really came to mind that spoke for us as a group and we thought if we really love something and want to make it our own, we should give it our last name. At the time it was just me and Nate ” Mike and Ben hadn’t joined the band yet.

PM: Tom Petty is a big influence, I’d say. As far as this band goes, if I could be one band it would be Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. He writes songs that everybody likes but they still have substance and the lyrics ” they’re pop lyrics but they mean something and they make you feel something. I tried to do the dark thing and it didn’t work for me. I just like having fun and I wanted to have fun in my band.

PM: It’s a blast, for me. I love a lot of the bands in this town … we’re friends with a lot of these bands.

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What: meese opens for The Fray.

When: Saturday night at 5 p.m.

Where: Ford Park in Vail.

Cost: $35 for general admission or $175 for private reserved.

More information: Call 970-476-6797 or visit

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