Denver band Yamn performs at Vail club Saturday |

Denver band Yamn performs at Vail club Saturday

Caramie Schnell
Yamn, left to right, is Brian Hamilton on guitar and electronic production, Taylor Frederick on guitar, vocals and synth, Adam Ebensberger on drums and vocals and David Duart on bass and vocals.
Sydney Schavietello | Special to the Daily |

If you go ...

Who: Yamn. Aqueous opens.

Where: Samana Lounge, Vail.

When: Saturday. Doors open at 9 p.m.

Cost: $5 in advance/$10 at the door.

More information: Visit

VAIL — There’s no up without a down, no hot without a cold and no left without a right.

For Denver band Yamn, there’s no hard rock without electronic. Thus the name of their most recent two-disc album, “Unity of Opposites,” which dropped a year ago. If it’s been awhile since PHIL 101, here’s a reminder: The idea of Unity of Opposites was first suggested by Greek philosopher Heraclitus somewhere around 500 BC, though we can guarantee he wasn’t thinking about progressive rock-tronic music.

To Yamn newbies, bass player and singer David Duart explains the music as “straight up rock ‘n’ roll infused with electronic music and dance beats.” Basically two genres, sometimes considered opposites, unified in one.

“To bring it more to the mainstream, you will hear influences from Aerosmith to Daft Punk,” he said. “In the jam scene, there are influences from Umphrey’s McGee to Moe, to Sound Tribe Sector 9 and the New Deal. All in all, it’s fun stuff to rock out to and get down to.”

Duart and his fellow band members return to Vail for a show at Samana Lounge tonight. The Denver-based band was last here on New Year’s Eve, when they welcomed in 2015 at the Vail Ale House.

“After the show a bunch of people from out of town visiting to ski and for the holiday (who) had never seen us came up to me and said that was one of the best New Year’s Eve’s they have had, which is always cool to hear. The show was a ton of fun and then after we got to hang with our buddies in the Town Cavalry and watch the sun come up.”

Duart took the time to answer a few questions for the Vail Daily:

Vail Daily: I like the album title “Unity of Opposites,” which is based on Greek philosophy. Tell us about why you decided on this title.

David Duart: We decided on it because since rock ‘n’ roll/hard rock really began in the ’60s/’70s and electronic music began in the ’80s (more or less) there was never really a crossover between the two. There are definitely bands these days that incorporate electronic music into rock, such as the Muse, or in the jam realm, Disco Biscuits. But for us, we really encompass both of those worlds. They can often be thought of as opposite worlds and we do our best to unify them into one, and therefore put on a show people’s ears can enjoy.

VD: When did you release “Unity of Opposites”? How has it been received?

DD: “Unity of Opposites” was released on March 11, 2014. We didn’t get much press about the album, unfortunately, but our fans (aka Yamnily) have been raving about it for the past year. CD and online sales still constantly come in through the Internet and at our shows.

VD: What can people expect from your upcoming show in Vail?

DD: Lots of shredding guitars and one long dance party! We are also excited to have some new friends of ours — Aqueous, from Buffalo, New York. — opening the show. It’s our first time of hopefully many times sharing the stage with them.

VD: You guys got your start in Breckenridge but are now based in Denver. Does it feel like a homecoming of sorts when you play in the mountains?

DD: Definitely! The mountains and the towns throughout have a huge place in our hearts! We’ve been playing the Vail Valley since 2007 when we used to play the Coyote Cafe all the time, then down to Finnegan’s Wake (now Montana’s) as well as the Sand Bar (now Vail Ale House) over the years, and a big sold-out Halloween show in 2011 with the MTHDS at Agave, and of course many memorable shows at Samana.

VD: What’s on the horizon for Yamn that you’re excited about?

DD: We are playing throughout Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Washington and Oregon during the next two months, through the end of April. So lots of shows. We are also working on getting back to the Midwest and East Coast this summer and fall. On top of that we are working on some new material in between runs of shows to debut throughout the tour, as well as bring back some old material that we haven’t played in years. It’s always exciting because we are always trying to improve our skills as musicians both individually and collectively; it’s challenging, for sure, but a lot of fun. All in all, (we’re) excited to continue to play concerts all over the U.S. with some great people getting down in front of us.

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