Denver-based folk duo performing free show in Vail Valley |

Denver-based folk duo performing free show in Vail Valley

Caramie Schnell
Vail,CO Coloraco
Special to the Daily

VAIL VALLEY, Colorado – Folk rock duo Oak Creek, comprised of Daniel Watters and Jenna Cunningham, is performing in Eagle County for the first time this weekend. The Denver-based duo will perform a free show at Main St. Grill in Edwards Saturday night. They have been compared to the Canadian indie-pop band Stars, as well as the folk-rock band Rilo Kiley from Los Angeles. While Watters already has two solo albums under his belt, the duo is only songs away from recording their first album together as Oak Creek.

1. Vail Daily: How do you describe your music?

Daniel Watters: We have trouble describing our music, however what we’ve come up with is “indie groove.” We blend the strong song writing and harmonies of indie and folk rock with groovy and soulful backbeats.

2. VD: What can people expect from your show at Main St. Grill?

DW: People can expect some catchy songs that will stick in their head, beautiful vocal harmonies, and some groovy beats to dance to. Then they can expect Frogs Gone Fishin’ to rock them deeply into the night. Mostly, they can expect to have a great time.

3. VD: What inspires your lyrics? Do you and Jenna write the songs together?

DW: Lyrics come in flashes for both Jenna and I. One of our songs, “1934” was inspired by a dream I had about being in the depression and having nothing, yet still being happy and in love. I tend to just write down random things that pop in my head, and usually the fun in writing the song is trying to make sense out of it. Jenna doesn’t always know what her songs are about until she finishes writing them. We both usually collaborate at least a little bit on pretty much all our songs.

4. VD: Where did the name Oak Creek come from?

DW: Jenna and I are from Sedona, Ariz. and “Oak Creek” is the creek that runs through a canyon that we grew up playing in. We used to be called “Canyons,” but we found out that a French band already had that name and had to change it.

5. VD: What do you think of Colorado’s music scene?

DW: It’s the reason we moved here! Seriously, we think its one of the best music scenes in the country. The reason is the fans. People in Colorado love music and are very enthusiatic about it … and they dance! It seems that people here are down for anything as long as they’re having a great time.

6. Do you sing all original music or some covers?

DW: We like to perform mostly originals but Jenna and I have covered a lot of Simon and Garfunkel and Beatles, as well as indie bands that we both love. We will cover a few fun songs at the show.

7: Tell me about the album you’re working on.

DW: We don’t have the time nor money to record a full album at this point, so we are going to record a six-song EP in mid-July. It will feature some of our more folky songs along side our funkiest tracks, so it will be a little picture of how eclectic our band can be.

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