Denver computer guru gives a crash course on PC care |

Denver computer guru gives a crash course on PC care

David Migoya
The Denver Post

They have been around for decades, and the American consumer has become completely accustomed to life with a personal computer. So why is it, then, that we keep screwing them up and, in the process, our lives?

Spyware, spamware, anti- this-and-that proliferate the computer marketplace and, still, consumers struggle to understand what exactly makes things go wrong.

“To a lot of people, computers are still a relatively new thing,” said Ryan Chipps, owner of Computer Guru in Denver, a service that saves businesses and individuals from themselves. “Though we grew up on them, there was no training on maintenance; it’s essentially self-taught.”

The variety of mistakes people make – the dumbest things they do – that affect their computer are easily avoided. Here are some of the top ones compiled from various sources, and how to prevent the problem.

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