Denver: Protests mild so far |

Denver: Protests mild so far

Ashleigh Oldland
Rocky Mountain News
Vail, CO Colorado
Tim Hussin/Rocky Mountain NewsDaryl Odefey and Mark Cohen, of Recreate 68, participate in a balance exercise as Alicia and Brad Gumm, of Gumm Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu-Jitso, train protesters at Lincoln Park on Saturday.

DENVER, Colorado – Protests were relatively few and protesters were relatively mild Saturday as the Democratic National Convention prepared to gear up.

Under often threatening skies, the city welcomed visitors, with many arriving at a busy Denver International Airport.

Although major protests are planned in the next few days, only a few today had any real tension.

There were a few difficult moments, however, when six uniformed police officers surrounded a man wearing a “Defend Denver” T-shirt near the state capitol building.

Tom Mestnick, with protest group Re-create ’68, said he also had a small altercation with police today when he parked illegally on the road near Lincoln Park in order to unload some materials for a protest training this afternoon.

“Ten cops swarmed over there and they asked me to move,” Mestnick said. “The police want so badly to crack some skulls. It’s so obvious.”

Anti-abortion protestors outside of a Planned Parenthood on 38th Avenue and Quebec Street carried posters with bloody and graphic photos. They handed out pamphlets and broadcast their views with microphones.

One of the anti-abortion group’s trucks was labeled with “Obama Wants You! … to Pay for Abortion” with an illustration of the assumed presidential nominee depicted in an Uncle Sam motif.

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