Denver shelter ‘home’ to 100 sex offenders |

Denver shelter ‘home’ to 100 sex offenders

Denver shelter ‘home’ to 100 sex offenders

DENVER, Colorado ” More than 100 registered sex offenders have listed a homeless shelter as their address, raising alarms for residents living nearby.

While the registry identifies 62 men listing the Salvation Army Crossroads Shelter as their home as “whereabouts unknown,” police say about 15 are currently missing. The shelter is in Denver’s Globeville neighborhood.

Salvation Army Maj. Neal Hogan said the actual number of registered offenders living at the shelter is only about 30. Police said the discrepancy is in how the numbers are updated.

Police Lt. Ron Saunier said they’re working closely with the shelter and exploring new technology, including voice recognition, as ways to keep track of offenders.

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