Denver space alien activist set for Letterman |

Denver space alien activist set for Letterman

Daniel J. ChaconRocky Mountain NewsVail, CO Colorado

Denver’s proposed space alien initiative is invading the Late Show with David Letterman.Jeff Peckman, who is proposing the creation of an ET Commission in the Mile High City, says he’ll be on Letterman’s stage Tuesday night.”I’m not worried that he’ll poke fun,” Peckman said this morning in an e-mail. “I don’t think they would have me on the show unless they thought they could poke fun and make it entertaining without ruining my life. The ET/UFO subject is very serious, but it helps to lighten things up.”Peckman added: “Quite frankly, I think the ET’s are intrigued by us partly because of our ability to laugh, love, be creative and experience the joy of life.”On Friday, Letterman joked about a video that was recently played to the news media in Denver that purportedly shows a real space alien.His Top 10 that night was: “Signs your neighbor is an alien.”Here it is:10: Eats Domino’s delivery guy and tips the pizza9: Complains about the rising cost of filling his flying saucer with dilithium crystals8: Uses two hands to mow the lawn, and other two hands to wash the car boing!7: You say, “Morning, Bill!” He says, “Morning, puny little earth man.”6: He has never seen an episode of “Sex and the City.” Hello? What planet are you from?5: In the class photo, his kids are the ones with the tentacles4: When a rerun of “Mork & Mindy” is on, he sneers, “That guy’s not from Ork”3: Says, “We had a great weekend on Venus I mean, Vegas”2: He drives a 2011 Toyota Corolla1: He’s bald, gray and creepy, but he’s not Dick Cheney

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