Denver steps up its parking enforcement; tickets surge |

Denver steps up its parking enforcement; tickets surge

Burt Hubbard
The Denver Post

DENVER, Colorado – The number of parking tickets written in Denver is on pace to hit near-record levels for Mayor John Hickenlooper’s administration, with particular hot spots in neighborhood enclaves scattered throughout the city.

Denver officials said the increase is not an attempt to plug the city’s sizable budget gap.

“There is no way we took that into consideration when we submitted our budget,” said Public Works spokeswoman Ann Williams.

Instead, the surge in tickets is the result of an increase in residential parking zones, more parking agents, replacement of faded – and, therefore, contested – no-parking signs and an overall population hike in the metro area.

But City Councilman Charlie Brown doesn’t completely buy the explanation.

“The cliche is, this is for public safety,” Brown said. “But let’s be adults here. We just have to get it (revenue) everywhere we can.”

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