Denver TV stations sharing news helicopter |

Denver TV stations sharing news helicopter

Rocky Mountain News
Denver, CO Colorado

DENVER, Colorado ” Looking to control costs, Denver television stations 7News and 9News have started sharing a helicopter in covering news from the air, the stations’ general managers announced.

9News and 7News will share one helicopter and videographers in an arrangement that maintains strict separation of each station’s editorial decisions and reporter assignments. The arrangement started New Year’s Day.

“Equipment sharing is not necessarily a new idea but this is a new type of pooling resources to allow both stations to provide extensive news coverage from the air,” said Byron Grandy, general manager of 7News. “You will see other stations following the lead of 9News and 7News as a way to control costs while providing more extensive news coverage.”

Mark Cornetta, general manager of 9News, said: “Obviously there is an economic benefit to flying one helicopter, and it’s not unlike sharing pool footage of a political event. Our news departments will each maintain their complete independence while sharing the use of our most effective newsgathering tool.”

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