Denver: UFO believer offers ET briefing to Obama |

Denver: UFO believer offers ET briefing to Obama

Daniel J. Chacon
Rocky Mountain News
Vail, CO Colorado
Barry Gutierrez/Rocky Mountain NewsJeff Peckman says his goals are "clean air, healthy organic food, healthy buildings, harmony among the different populations on our planet - and the populations not from our planet."

DENVER, Colorado ” The Denver man who is pushing a ballot initiative to create an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission in the Mile High City is offering to give Barack Obama a briefing on space aliens and their alleged visits to Earth.

“I can get him information that I believe is better than what he would get as president,” Jeff Peckman said today.

Peckman said he realizes his chances of meeting with Obama when the presumptive presidential nominee comes to Denver are slim.

“I don’t expect anybody to let me meet him in person,” he said, laughing.

Peckman also is asking the Democratic Party “to include a plank in the their platform” during the Democratic National Convention that includes holding “open, secrecy-free hearings on the UFO/extraterrestrial presence on and around Earth.”

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