Denver UFO initiative grounded |

Denver UFO initiative grounded

Daniel J. Chacon
Rocky Mountain News
Denver, CO Colorado
Barry Gutierrez/Rocky Mountain NewsJeff Peckman, who is pushing a ballot initiative to form an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission in Denver, would like to meet with Barack Obama, but doesn't think it will happen.

DENVER, Colorado ” A proposed ballot initiative to create a government commission in Denver, Colorado tasked with developing a strategy to deal with space aliens on Earth has been shelved.

For the time being, anyway.

“It’s on hold for now because of the confidence that I feel and a lot of people feel in the Obama administration in moving toward more disclosure of the UFO/extraterrestrial information,” said Jeff Peckman, whose proposed Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission generated national headlines.

“But I would say I’m only 51 percent confident, so I’m not abandoning the ballot initiative,” he said today.

Peckman said other new presidents have asked the CIA for all UFO-related information immediately after taking office.

Former President Jimmy Carter asked for the information the first day on the job, he said.

“When he became president, the first day, he asked for that information from the CIA director but was denied the information by George H. Bush,” Peckman said. “That’s a well-known story.”

Peckman said he will be in a “wait-and-see mode” for a couple of months to figure out how Obama will approach the subject.

“If there’s no indications at all that the White House administration, that Obama, will do anything about this, then I will certainly attempt to start (the ballot initiative) over,” he said.

“Putting it on the back burner for now will not have any affect on getting it on the ballot in November,” he said. “We would start over with the petitioning anyway and probably even make other revisions in the text.”

Peckman said he couldn’t remember what kind of revisions he’s considering because they’re “scribbled in my notes in piles of paper.”

The current proposal calls for the creation of an ET commission “to help ensure the health, safety, and cultural awareness of Denver residents and visitors in relation to potential encounters or interactions with extraterrestrial intelligent beings or their vehicles, and fund such commission from grants, gifts and donations.”

An “extraterrestrial intelligent being” is defined as a a form of life assumed to exist or originate from outside the Earth or its atmosphere.

“The creation of an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission will … ultimately facilitate the most harmonious, peaceful, mutually respectful, and beneficial coexistence possible between extraterrestrial intelligent beings and human beings,” the proposal states.

Peckman acknowledged that President Barack Obama has other pressing needs, including two wars, an economic crisis and a housing downturn.

But disclosing information about UFOs should be a priority, too, he said.

“It should be because it’s relevant to just about every other important task he has ahead of him, whether it’s national security, the economy, health care or job creation,” Peckman said.

“The reason for that is that if you start digging into the whistle blower testimony, you’ll see that hundreds of billions of dollars are being siphoned out of our economy by covert projects (specifically related to UFOs) that are not accountable to the public or to Congress or to the White House.”

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