Denver voters drive off vehicle-impoundment initiative |

Denver voters drive off vehicle-impoundment initiative

Christopher N. Osher
The Denver Post

Denver voters Tuesday soundly defeated a ballot initiative that would have significantly restricted police discretion on whether to impound cars driven by unlicensed drivers.

Initiative 300 had prompted opposition from an array of civic and political leaders. They told voters the initiative would unnecessarily tie up police resources and become a costly bureaucratic burden. Opponents also said it was a thinly veiled attack against illegal immigrants.

The measure was rejected by nearly seven of every 10 voters.

Supporters had said a lenient attitude toward unlicensed drivers puts law-abiding citizens at risk and argued that impound fees would help pay for enforcement.

Mayor John Hickenlooper used some of his campaign funds to finance robo-calls in which he urged voters to defeat the initiative. The City Council, at the urging of Councilman Doug Linkhart, approved a proclamation urging voters to defeat it.

In the calls, the mayor labeled the initiative “deceptive” and said it would require the city to spend $1.6 million annually on extra police resources and increased towing costs.

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