Colorado was ground zero for CenturyLink’s recent network outage | |

Colorado was ground zero for CenturyLink’s recent network outage

ALDO SVALDI | The Denver Post
Vail Valley Century Link customers from Edwards to Dotsero were experiencing internet outages on Monday, Nov. 12, and Tuesday, Nov. 13 in Eagle County. Company officials said the outage was caused by a cut in a fiber-optic line.

ATMs failed in Idaho, Wyoming delayed lottery results, and 911 call centers in Washington, Arizona, Missouri and other states struggled with busy signals, dropped calls and missing location information.

At the Northern Colorado Medical Center in Greeley, staff couldn’t access vital patient records online. And in parts of New Mexico and Montana, Verizon faced service disruptions through no fault of its own.

Press reports have linked a long list of troubles to network problems suffered by telecommunications company CenturyLink, based in Monroe, La., two days after Christmas.

For about 30 hours, from the early morning hours of Dec. 27 until late on Dec. 28, chaos reigned on CenturyLink’s system. Western states that depend most heavily on the company’s fiber-optic system were hardest hit, but reports of outages and slower speeds came in from Alaska to Florida, according to

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