Denver workers trash Avon hotel room |

Denver workers trash Avon hotel room

Dustin Racioppi
Avon, CO Colorado

AVON ” Two contract workers from Denver visiting for a job in Vail must’ve thought they were rock stars while staying at the Comfort Inn in Avon, Colorado on Nov. 8.

Avon police charged the two men with criminal mischief and disorderly conduct after they allegedly trashed their hotel room and caused an estimated $6,000 in damages.

According to police reports, the workers were sharing a room at the hotel, and their foreman heard them making what he described as “party noise” around 7 p.m. When he went to their room to tell them to quiet down, he said they were drunk and rowdy.

A little more than an hour later, the volume next door only increased, and he tried to get them to settle down again. He said his workers told him they were upset they had to stay in Avon instead of going back to Denver.

So the foreman called the front desk to make a noise complaint. Shortly after, he heard some people outside his window, and when he looked out he saw the two men with their belongings jumping into a black Ford F-250. A hotel employee called police, who then began searching for the truck.

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Police said the room the men were staying in was “completely demolished” and “almost everything in the room was broken,” including the TV, chairs and a table.

The men were eventually pulled over near mile marker 240 on Interstate 70 and taken to Clear Creek County jail. Avon police were notified and the men were transported to Eagle County detention facility.

When a group of young women tried getting into their hotel room Nov. 6, they were welcomed with a creepy surprise ” a man with nothing but a black T-shirt on.

Police reports show that the group of women ” whose ages ranged from 22 to 27 ” tried getting into their room at the Comfort Inn but their key card wouldn’t work. They went to the front desk to have it replaced, and the second try worked, except the deadbolt on the door was locked. The door cracked open, and a man’s head popped out.

He asked the women if there was a busload of them at the hotel, the police report shows. The women said no, and the door opened a little more, and he asked the group if they would like some entertainment, although he claimed in the police report he asked them if they were with some kind of entertainment.

Then the women noticed he was standing at the opening in the door with nothing but his shirt on and his genitals were hanging out. Then he ditched the shirt, the police report said.

The group of women ran in fear and fled to the front desk to call police.

When interviewed by police, the man didn’t deny anything, but was vague on the details. Police described to him the group’s account of what happened, and he admitted that, yes, it could’ve happened that way.

He also admitted that he could’ve handled the situation differently, like putting his pants on to answer the door.

Police charged him with indecent exposure despite his apologies for any “inconvenience” he may have caused.

A local woman thought she was doing the right thing when she took an Avon man’s dog on Nov. 7.

A 32-year-old man, who was at Bob’s Place, called police after he saw a woman about 5-feet-4-inches with blonde hair walk away with his white, English golden retriever, which he had tied outside the bar and restaurant.

When police got hold of the woman the next night, she said she felt bad for the dog being out in the cold and took it home for the night for safety. The next morning she took the dog to an animal control center, who then returned the dog to its owner.

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