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“Denverization” is a thing in Kansas City — and not a good thing

Joe Rubino, Denver Post
How will Kansas City's famous BBQ scene cater to an influx of hipsters?
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Ever heard of “Denverization”?

In Kansas City, Mo., it’s a 13-letter word for gentrification, and it doesn’t come with Mile High City perks such as plentiful sunshine and nearby ski slopes.

The Kansas City Star published an editorial last week under the headline “Stop the Denverization of Kansas City. Troost doesn’t need to be hipster-friendly.” The editorial decries city policy that has allowed for new money and development to pour into the city’s East Side without any giveback from builders or protection for low-income residents now being priced out of their once-overlooked, minority neighborhoods.

“The East Side badly needs economic development, so what’s wrong with that?” the editorial asks. “Only that without any serious and legally binding housing policy, Kansas City is allowing its affordable housing crisis to deepen.”

Sound familiar?

Read the full story via The Denver Post.

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