Denver’s parking ticket take rises by $3.6 million |

Denver’s parking ticket take rises by $3.6 million

DENVER, Colorado ” The city of Denver issued 33,000 more parking tickets and collected $3.6 million more in fines in 2008 than the year before, but officials say it’s not an effort to make up for budget shortfalls.

KCNC-TV in Denver reports the city issued nearly 619,000 parking tickets and collected nearly $20 million in fines last year. That’s up from 585,000 tickets and $16.4 million in fines in 2007.

KCNC says it obtained a document showing parking officers are required to write at least 79 tickets per shift to cars blocking street sweepers. City spokeswoman Ann Williams says those aren’t quotas, but “performance goals.”

Although the number of tickets rose by about 6 percent, fine revenue rose more than 20 percent. Williams says an increase in fines accounts for that.

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