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Departing of Hollywood

Francis Wick

Once again, Martin Scorsese has directed an edge-of-your-seat, fist-clinching-at-the-end-of-the-armrest, soreness-of-the-neck, kind of film, about organized crime. “The Departed” not only tracks one of Boston’s most ruthless crime bosses, but exposes an intricate juxtaposition of wits, lies, lust and obsessions.”The Departed” stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson and Mark Wahlberg, who get the opportunity to show their nitty-gritty on the screen. DiCaprio plays an intelligent young police cadet named Billy Costigan who’s been assigned as an undercover agent to infiltrate the gang led by Frank Costello (Nicholson). Straying from a moral life, Costigan finds himself deeper in the dragon’s layer as every move he makes becomes vital to his personal well-being. Counterpart Colin Sullivan (Damon) is the up-and-coming star detective assigned to the special task force trying to capture Costello. As a member of Costello’s crew since childhood, Sullivan plays both sides of the fence.Both Costigan and Sullivan rush to find out who is who in this drama where time is of the essence. In true Scorsese form, the seemingly obvious is not what it appears and he who is most adaptable and quick with his wits will unravel the puzzle first. I’m enjoying the relationship Scorsese has formed with DiCaprio, this film following “Gangs of New York” and “The Aviator.” Their latest work together, “The Departed,” takes on an intricate web of psychological triangles that in the end form the story. Scorsese strays away from a typical Hollywood ending, making the realism of this picture further despairing. Damon brings a marvelous performance to the screen and continues to compliment the talented list of actors Scorsese works with. His character is both conniving and tenacious in pursuing his own selfish desires. Nicholson does an incredible job, playing a gangster, and his brutal and violent nature is enough to give the audience a stomachache. The true enjoyment of this film is the wit and intelligence both DiCaprio and Damon attain in their characters. It’s like watching two balloons float in the air, waiting to see which will fall first due to pressure. Each character plays not only off the other, but off all of the characters involved. It’s an interesting facet of positioning talent from actors and a director who can extract riveting performances. “The Departed” is a powerful film that takes viewers on a journey into the realm of organized crime. I’d recommend this to anyone who enjoys the twists and turns of a real suspenseful drama, but can stomach a little violence at the same time. It not only compliments the list of astonishing Scorsese films, but will be an instant classic and a must-have on the home DVD shelf. Vail, Colorado

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