Deputies find bloody mess in Edwards |

Deputies find bloody mess in Edwards

Dustin Racioppi
Edwards, CO Colorado

EDWARD, Colorado ” When an Eagle County deputy arrived Nov. 19 at Lake Creek Village Apartments in Edwards, Colorado for a call of a fight in progress, he missed the fight but saw all the evidence of it.

He went into the apartment and saw a shirtless 24-year-old man, standing in the dining room with blood smeared all over his torso. Blood was streaming down his face and dripping onto the floor. The deputy said his nose, all swollen and leaky, looked broken.

He also saw a trail of blood drops leading from the dining room and hallway into a back bedroom. There was a pillow sitting on the kitchen table that deputies said the battered man must’ve used for a bandage because it was soaked through with even more blood.

When the deputy tried to interview the man to find out how all this blood escaped his body and made it all over the apartment, the man began to dry heave. He ran into the bathroom and started vomiting, then told the deputy what happened.

He said one of his four roommates, a 36-year-old, came home and was mad there was some food missing from the apartment’s stove top. He stormed into the bedroom where the soon-to-be bloody man was lying down to sleep and he began yelling at him. The yelling turned to kicking and punching, the sheriff’s report said.

The argument moved out of the bedroom and into the hallway, where the 36-year-old man continued to beat on his roommate, throwing vicious kicks to his stomach and face.

According to another roommate who was in an adjacent bedroom, he was in his room, heard the ruckus and when he went to his door, the two men smashed through it. The fight continued in his bedroom until the angry roommate stopped attacking.

Deputies were called and the alleged attacker left.

There was more blood to be found when deputies looked a little further. The roommate who was a bystander in the fight had a large spot of blood that saturated his comforter, there was blood on the floor and somehow, blood was scattered on the ceiling.

The man who was beaten was taken to Vail Valley Medical Center where a doctor quickly pointed out that, “he suffered serious bodily injury.”

Deputies were able to track down the alleged perpetrator of the serious bodily injury and hauled him to jail where he was charged with first-degree assault, obstruction of a telephone service, criminal mischief and menacing.

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