Deputies searching for stabbing suspects |

Deputies searching for stabbing suspects

Tamara Miller

Sheriff’s deputies are searching for two men suspected of stabbing a 28-year-old Gypsum man Monday while he was stopped at the intersection of roundabout under construction in Gypsum.The man was stabbed in the neck and chest. He was treated for injuries at Vail Valley Medical Center and released.The victim told deputies he was returning to Gypsum and a green Honda sports-utility vehicle forced him to stop near the roundabout that’s being built at the entrance to town. A white man and a Hispanic man ran over to his car and stabbed him. The victim drove away and saw the green SUV head west on Interstate 70.Deputies canvassed the area where the incident reportedly happened but came up with no suspects. Nursing patient found after hopping trainSheriff’s deputies intercepted an elderly man who hopped a train in an attempt to escape the assisted living center in which he lives.Union Pacific Railroad officials notified police last week when they noticed a man get on the train in Grand Junction. The train stopped in Bond, allowing local Sheriff’s deputies a chance to investigate. They found the 79-year-old man hiding behind a seat in one of the train cars. According to reports, he told deputies that he wanted to leave the assisted living center and was angry because he believed that staff there informed police that he had left.He told deputies that he didn’t like the nursing home staff and alleged they were withholding most of his social security money. A retired railroad employee, the man said he had intended to ride the train to Denver and then back to Grand Junction. Now that he had been caught, he said he wished he had jumped off in Glenwood Springs so the nursing home staff couldn’t find him.While deputies were taking the man back to the Sheriff’s Office he threatened to kill himself if he had to return to the nursing home. Deputies also believed the man, who was found with an empty bottle of whiskey, was intoxicated. They informed him he would be placed in protective custody, which he said was fine, so long as he did not have to return to the assisted living center.After speaking with the owner of the assisted living center, deputies learned that Mesa County Social Services officials were attempting to take custody of the man and put him in a lockdown facility because he was a danger to himself and others when drinking, according to Sheriff’s deputies. Colorado Mental Health officials took custody of the man.Ex-boyfriend arrested for false imprisonmentAn Eagle-Vail man told deputies he just wanted to work things out with his ex-girlfriend. Instead, he worked himself into a couple of criminal charges.While the couple had broken up, the girlfriend moved back in with her boyfriend because she had no where else to live. Last Saturday, after the two hosted a party, the woman went to bed. Her ex-boyfriend went into her room wanting to talk. She asked him to leave but he refused. He allegedly wouldn’t let her leave either.After about 30 minutes, the woman called police. While he did not hit her or threaten to hurt her, the woman told deputies that the man was verbally intimating her. After interviewing both people, deputies arrested the man on suspicion of domestic violence and false imprisonment.Staff writer Tamara Miller can be reached via e-mail at: or by calling 949-0555 ext. 607.

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