Deputy digs up suspect’s identity |

Deputy digs up suspect’s identity

Eagle Valley Enterprise
Vail, CO Colorado

GYPSUM, Colorado –A deputy pulled over a driver in Gypsum on March 28 because he recognized the man and suspected he had a revoked license, which dispatch later confirmed.

The officer asked for the male passenger’s name and birth date, and ran it through dispatch. A person with a similar name and birthday had three warrants in Eagle County totaling $10,000. A physical description in the warrant also match the man in question.

The officer returned to the vehicle and asked the passenger to write down his date of birth. The man wrote down a different date than what he’d originally said. The man said his ID was at his apartment. The deputy told the man he wasn’t under arrest but would he take him to his apartment to get his ID. The man did so but still couldn’t find his identification. The officer asked the man if he was willing to go to the jail to have his fingerprints taken and the man said yes.

En route to the jail, the deputy looked up more information on the warrant suspect in the computer, which listed a phone number for the man. The deputy asked the man for his cell phone number and the man gave him a number similar to the suspect’s. The deputy then asked the man to call him from that phone and the man said he was out of minutes. The officer asked to see the phone. The screen of the cell phone read, “Mi numero …” and listed the same number as the suspect’s.

At the jail, the man’s fingerprints failed to bring up any previous records. Police noticed the computer system listed a relative of the warrant suspect who was living in the area. A deputy took a photo of the man at the jail to the mother-in-law of the warrant suspect. She positively identified the man in the photo as the same man listed in the warrants.

The man was informed he was being taken into custody for three warrants and criminal impersonation. He smirked with a half smile and nodded yes.

The driver who was pulled over was issued a summons for driving with a revoked license.

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