Design at Altitude column: Home is where I want to be |

Design at Altitude column: Home is where I want to be

Sheepskin throws and cushions are trendy right now; they add a sense of light and style to a room.
Bill Willins | Special to the Daily |

What does home mean to you? It’s astounding how the word “home” means the same thing to so many people — a place of comfort and respite, a place to be yourself, where you can laugh, cry and live and where you feel a sense of belonging. It should be a place of ease, a reflection of who you are, both of where you came from and where you are going. As we all know, a home is the largest purchase we might ever make. It doesn’t have to be static, it should change as you change, as your life changes and as your style changes. A space that started off with two but grows to hold four are two very different homes but the same house.

There’s the home of our childhoods, the house where we were influenced, where our adult selves came to be. Then there’s the home that we have today, where, often, we are the parents, the doers, the designers and architects of our lives and the lives of little ones.

It doesn’t matter your sense of style, whether you’re the clean-lined contemporary type or the lover of antiques, be it traditional or modern, your home should reflect your personality, who you are and even who you want to be. Just as in our younger years we were told to dress for the job we wanted, not the job we had, a home can aspire to be. That doesn’t mean trying to keep up with the Jones or not appreciating what you have. It’s OK to try a new look, a new design or to incorporate a different style into a one room … to try it on for a while and see if it fits the shape of your life.

Get Into Sheepskin

Right now, I am trying on the feel of sheepskin. In the waning days of winter (I hope) I am loving it. The puffs of cloudy white bring a smile to my face. Sheepskin throws are super hot right now; they add a sense of light and style to a room. The best part? They are so diverse. You can throw one on the back of the sofa or add one to every hard dining room chair for comfort and a new look. Try wrapping one around your shoulders on a chilly Vail evening.

We have a few chairs in our showroom that bring levity to a situation. One chair, a brass-and-spindle sexy number comes with sheepskin cushions. It is at once warm, inviting, elegant and fun. It’s a statement piece without having it take over the room. Lucite stools with a sheepskin cushion are perfect for a smaller space. It becomes the go-to piece in the room.

I adore the Tibetan lamb pillows for a fun accent on my sofa. Because it is so unique, you can get away with using only one, mixing it in with your existing pillows. Adding a pillow to the bed is really fun too. Don’t be afraid to spice it up; go ahead mix it up!

I agree with the Talking Heads, “Home — is where I want to be/But I guess I’m already there.”

Yvonne Jacobs is the president of Slifer Designs and has been with the company for 17 years. She’s designed projects in Mexico, Canada, California, the East Coast, as well as right here at home. For more inspiration, check out

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