Design at Altitude column: Sparkle and joy, and a few gift ideas

LAFCO — Luxury Articles & Fragrance Co. — is the brainchild of former lawyer and self confessed body care junkie Jon Bresler. The company makes high-end candles. The "Tree" candle is particularly popular around Christmastime.
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Thanksgiving already feels like a distant memory while Christmas has quietly been sneaking up on us. I, for one, like to be done with Christmas shopping sooner than later. It doesn’t always happen. Sometimes a last-minute gift need comes up and I feel frazzled. The Slifer Designs’ showroom team then comes to the rescue, recommending a few favorite gifts for men and women.

We know it is better to give than receive, and half the fun in that is finding just the right gift, putting a little extra thought into the process.

The Perfect Present

Game tables are super-hot right now. Many homes have little nooks or areas set aside for games; it harkens back to a less stressful time and come to find out kids still love to play board games with mom and dad: it’s not all about the iPad and computers. Games are also a fun, and different, gift for the man in your life. Show him that you get his playful side.

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Mothers and mothers-in-law love the festivities, or at least mine do (complete with horrible holiday sweaters, but that is a different topic all together). We simply adore holiday pillows. They add a little pizzazz to the room — and are comfortable for gramps to lean on while watching the big game. The best part is that they are cute and cozy without being overly embellished and fussy — think campy ski cabin with a bit of nostalgia.

We’ve found Mariposa napkin boxes never go out of style. Who doesn’t need napkins? Presented in a silver box with a holiday adornment, it becomes the perfect hostess gift or addition to the buffet.

Everyone I know enjoys a glass of wine — sometimes more depending on the guest list. Instead of bringing a bottle of wine to the host, why not bring a book about wine? We have a few that are as pretty to look at as they are informative … and they last longer than that bottle of bubbly.

LAFCO candles — continually listed as one of Oprah’s favorite things — come in a hand-blown glass container and exude the most delicious aroma. A favorite during the holidays is Tree, which smells like, well, an evergreen tree. Perfect for small spaces or for those of us who don’t get a real tree.

One of my favorite traditions is finding new special ornaments. Don’t get me wrong, I love the old ones handed down from when my parents first got married or the handmade ones from the kids, but it’s fun finding a few new ones to embellish the tree. I get slightly wistful seeing how they’ve changed over the years, but love how they add sparkle and joy.

Sparkle and joy: that is really what this season is about. Come mid-December, you can find some of Slifer Designs’ favorites in Vail. That’s right, we are sharing a space on Gore Creek Drive. Dubbed Slifer Designs @ Nina McLemore, the store is going to be stocked with our favorite finds, newest wares and what’s hot right now.

Lisa Mikels rejoined the Slifer Designs retail team mid-summer and has brought years of experience and enthusiasm to her new role. Mikels had worked at Slifer Designs for seven years before venturing to the Windy City.

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