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Designer duds for charity

Caramie SchnellVail, CO, Colorado
AE Designer Sale 1 DT 9-5-07

VAIL A designer Hermes silk scarf will set you back a couple hundred dollars at a department store, but Allison Burgund scored hers for a buck at last years Repeat Performance Designer Tag Sale at the Ford Amphitheater. The white and green striped scarf was still in the designers signature orange box.Im sure the scarf was never even used, she said.

Burgund was one of the first five people through the Amphitheater gates last year, and along with the scarf, she scored a French Longchamp purse for $4 and some wooden home knick-knacks for $10, which she later saw at Slifer Designs for much, much more, she said. If all goes well, this year wont be any different. Shes planning on attending tonights event with three girlfriends, she said. The women are even planning their outfits so they can try on clothes as easily as possible, she said. Theyre also planning to arrive early.Its a great cause whether you find something good or not, but if its anything like last year, if youre there early, youre going to find something good, Burgund said.

New New Wallace runs the Vail Valley Foundation sale, which benefits Vail International Dance Festivals community outreach programs. The free Dance Dialogue lecture series, the Village Vignettes free performances, the complimentary family matinee performance and this past festivals free Pop Hop classes for local children are all examples. Wallace has spent the last few weeks culling the donated items and sifting through for the gems. Shes taken 4 or 5 Suburban-full loads to Habitat for Humanity and the Thrifty Shoppe things that werent acceptable for this sale, she said. After all, Wallaces goal for the sale is to kick it up a notch, and if the Armani, Escada, Prada, Kate Spade, Bogner and SKEA tags adorning jackets, dresses, blouses and pants are any indication, shes succeeded. Along with the gently used items, there are plenty of brand new shoes and purses from Well Heeled in Edwards and new ski jackets and pants from local stores like Christy Sports and Base Mountain Sports. Theres more than just high-end clothes for sale, too racks of neon-colored one-piece ski suits beg for a Vail closing-day romp in April, and sequin laden, ’80s-style bridesmaid dresses make up the costume section of the sale just in time for Halloween.Sometimes you just need a prom dress, Wallace said, holding a bright teal taffeta gown out in front of her. Its so bad, its good.Along with clothing, Oriental rugs, a brand new Chenille couch, desks, lamps and an entertainment center are up for grabs. Edwards resident Anne Barnett co owns Base Mountain Sports and along with last seasons Spyder and Descente ski wear, she donated personal furniture to the sale an armoire, a rocking chair and even a big screen television, she said.It was good timing for this event I recently moved and there were a lot of good things that wouldnt fit in the new house, she said. Its like the universe was saying someone else needs it more than I do.Barnett has been on the other side of the fundraiser game, asking people to donate for the Eagle County Charter Academy when she co-chaired a fundraising event. I know how it feels to ask, so I always try to say yes, she said.

Edwards resident Katy Lloyd, a self-proclaimed bargain shopper, attended last years sale for the first time, mainly because she was curious. She found great deals and had a good time, too, she said. You should have seen the dressing room it was a kind of a free for all. People were just stripping down and handing things off to each other, asking are you buying that? Everyone was trading, the atmosphere was really fun. I dont go to the big sales around town, I try to avoid them because I feel like you have to get your elbows out and people are pushy, but maybe because it was a good cause, and they were serving wine and appetizers so everyone was in a good mood, not grabbing things away, but just saying oohhh are you done with that?Lloyd scored clothes that still had the tags on them, she said, including a brand new pair of pants from a Vail Village store. The $350 price tag was still attached. They were bell-bottom velvet pants, perfect for the holidays; I think I got them for $20, she said.There were designer jeans with the tags still on them, in all sizes, which you dont usually get. I found Cashmere sweaters for $5. I was even buying things for my friends, Lloyd said.Last year Wallace priced designer labels from $20 to $75, she said, and she expects similar prices at this sale. Not many worker bees can walk into Gorsuch or Pepis and afford to shop, but they can walk on my stage and find something, she said. (This sale) is good for those that have and those that dont.Arts & Entertainment Editor Caramie Schnell can be reached at 748-2984 or

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