Despite snow, drought persists |

Despite snow, drought persists

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In your editorial, &quotTaking one for the team&quot you mentioned, &quotAt least the word &quotdrought&quot has disappeared from the local lexicon.&quot I urge The Vail Trail to take the lead in getting the message out to the community that our drought persists, albeit in a different form.Good early season snow is a blessing. It’s allowing the water that has been stored from the runoff last spring to stay in our high mountain reservoirs while snow is being made at Vail and Beaver Creek. It will get colder in the months to come. The water level of Gore Creek and the Eagle River will fall. Maybe the bigger challenge will come in December, January and February.Please urge the businesses, residents and guests in the Vail Valley to continue to conserve. THANKS!Sincerely,Rick SackbauerVailHigh noon for our Gary CooperMetaphorically speaking, my friend Brad Tjossem, manager of the Beaver Creek Club, had his showdown with Vail Associates last Friday (Nov. 1), and it was ruthless.The saga began in 2001 when Brad’s wife Susie was terminated after 25 years of stellar performance at the Vail Ski School where she had just been made a vice president. The other shoe fell Nov. 1 when Brad met the same fate as he was unceremoniously told to clean out his office, filled with 16 years of memories, and leave.Hearing the news, I called the man in charge, (Vail Resorts CEO) Adam Aron, for some rational explanation. His cold and calculated answer was the economy and the impending war in Iraq. I tried to be sympathetic with his actions, but as a businessman myself, I was troubled by his swift and insensitive method of dismissal and proceeded to tell him how it should have been handled. He wasn’t interested.It is inevitable in these trying times that cuts have to be made. My concern was how they were made and with total disregard for the individual’s feelings. It was handled unprofessionally. Period.The Williams have been charter members of the then fledgling Beaver Creek Club since 1988 when Brad, a venerable denizen of the Vail Valley, took us under his wing and made us feel comfortable in our new vacation home.Brad wore his BCC manager’s title professionally, but his real contribution was his genuine and engaging personality, which was as big as the great outdoors he loves so much.Brad Tjossem became synonymous with the Beaver Creek Club, and everything that was good about it. He was our gentle giant, our Eagle Scout, our bad boy who made us smile and, most importantly, he became a true friend to members and staff.Bradley will be missed, and his really big shoes will be hard, if not impossible, to fill. Of course we’ll miss him, but he won’t be a stranger, and I’m confident he’ll end up in a better place and learn how to shoot straight.Andy WilliamsAlexandria, Va.Thanks to YogaMany heartfelt thanks to Libby Maio and her fellow instructors at Yoga for Athletes for their fund-raising efforts during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Yoga for Athletes donated their time and all proceeds from eight yoga classes last month to the Vail Breast Cancer Awareness Group. We once again benefited from the generosity of this community, enabling us to continue to provide financial assistance as well as emotional support to those patients in Eagle County who are battling breast cancer. As always, we remain grateful.Kristin Kenney WilliamsEdwards

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