Details on Red Cliff tax being worked out |

Details on Red Cliff tax being worked out

Dustin Racioppi
Red Cliff, CO Colorado
HL Green Bridge Inn 01 TS 09-12-08

RED CLIFF, Colorado “-One month after voters approved a lodging tax, the Red Cliff Board of Trustees is working out the details of an ordinance to impose the tax on visitors.

The ordinance would implement a lodging tax of up to 3 percent to visitors and guests in order to help fund recreation and public improvements.

The board is expected to read the ordinance for a second time at its next meeting Dec. 15. The second reading and possible approval was tabled from Monday’s meeting because some of the ordinance’s language ” most notably including the tax into the final cost of a guest’s bill instead of it being a separate line item ” would’ve made the lodging tax more difficult for the town’s one hotel owner to prove than necessary.

“We scratched that out pretty quickly,” said Eric Cregon, a trustee and owner of the only hotel in town, The Green Bridge Inn.

The original ordinance said the tax shouldn’t be charged separately on a guest’s bill, but could indicate that the tax is included.

“That would’ve been just kind of misleading,” Cregon said.

And it would have been like taxing Cregon or any other future hotel operator in town, which seemed counterintuitive to Red Cliff resident Caroline Bradford.

“Otherwise we’re just taxing the hotelier, not the guest,” she said. “We’ve only got one, so we should be nice to him.”

Town Attorney Ruth Borne said the tax, which will bring in about $2,000 to $3,000 a year, will be specified on the receipt.

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