Developer wants Vail Valley project ready when market turns |

Developer wants Vail Valley project ready when market turns

VAIL VALLEY, Colorado – Rick Mueller’s proposing a project he’d like to live in in Colorado’s Vail Valley. But it’s going to take some time before he can move.

Mueller is just starting the county approval process for a project in Edwards that, as proposed, includes a child-care center, as many as 20 units Habitat for Humanity can build just behind the Edwards post office and 56 condos just uphill from the Edwards Corner building (where Eat! Drink! is located).

The Eagle County Planning Commission will get its first look at the project at its Tuesday meeting. From there, it will take at least a year to get final approval to build. Once the permits are granted, the rest of the project will take another 18 months or so to finish.

And that’s fine with Mueller, who says he has construction financing lined up for the project. The problem is that if the project was ready to sell right now, buyers would be hard-pressed to get financing.

“Until that frees up, we won’t start,” Mueller said.

But that’s why Mueller’s starting the approval work now.

When mortgage loans do start flowing, Mueller said he expects buyers for the condos to come from the Edwards area.

“I expect it to be people who are downsizing,” Mueller said. He puts himself in that group, since he has a daughter who will be headed off to college in a couple of years.

When the condos are built, they’ll be within easy walking or biking distance of virtually everything in Edwards. The Habitat for Humanity homes will be an easy reach to Edwards’ commercial areas, too.

“The county keeps saying we need to develop the core area of Edwards,” Mueller said. “This does that.”

The project as proposed also puts an early childhood education center within easy reach of the Homestead subdivision. The plan now calls for a couple of employee apartments on the top level of that building.

Mueller knows it’s going to be some time before anything happens on the property, but he’s still eager to spread the word about it.

“Our community’s looking for something positive,” he said. “It makes people feel good if they know we’re going to bring some more people into their stores. I’ve collected 121 signatures of support, and no one in a business said no.”

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