Development likely in Red Cliff |

Development likely in Red Cliff

Dustin Racioppi
Red Cliff, CO Colorado

RED CLIFF, Colorado ” The Board of Trustees in Red Cliff, Colorado determined Tuesday night that three petitions requesting land be annexed into the town met state statutes.

Two different owners filed the petitions, but their desire to be annexed isn’t exactly clear just yet, though some sort of development seems to be likely.

“This is the first formal hearing. The purpose is really to determine if we’re in substantial compliance with the state statutes of annexation,” said Tom Boni, the land-use planner for all three parcels. “This is the first of several meetings we’ll be having.”

But resident Jim Bradford, who has concerns about the motives behind the property owners wanting to be annexed, didn’t hesitate to question Boni on the first petition presented Tuesday ” a 30-acre rock quarry after the ‘S’ turn on U.S. Highway 24 heading to Red Cliff.

“Why do you want to be here? Why do you want to join Red Cliff?” Bradford asked. “Surely you have some plan, and that’s why you want to annex into Red Cliff.”

Boni said the plan is to build as many as 15 residential units on the land, but that likely won’t come to fruition for at least seven to 15 years, if the annexation is approved.

He wouldn’t be so specific on the other two petitions filed for property owned by Nova Guides, where a railroad runs through and the company owns a lodge facility, cabins and a couple of single-family homes.

Even though Tuesday night’s process was preliminary, Bradford raised his reservations about any possible annexation, particularly the fact that it would be a difficult task to provide services to newcomers, which he thinks is unevitable as part of an annexation.

“Red Cliff, it can’t provide basic services to the population it has,” he said prior to the meeting. “Until they do, I don’t think they have any right to annex property that will eventually ask for services.”

And he relayed that caution to the trustees at the meeting.

“I think there’s things you guys have to have answers to. Soon,” Bradford said.

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