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Dick drops by hospital

Don Rogers

The phone call was rather breathless, in retrospect. “Dick Cheney went to the hospital,” reported our Deep Throat. That’s funny. We’d just heard he was out fishing. Naturally we went casting: made calls. Reporters drove to Vail Valley Medical Center. An editor dialed up The Associated Press in Denver to see if they’d heard anything. They no doubt called their Washington bureau. Turns out he did go to the hospital Friday. But it doesn’t appear to be what you’re thinking. He dropped by to say hi to his favorite knee doc, Richard Steadman, one hospital source said. A Washington spokeswoman told the AP that the vice president has an old football injury that needed evaluation. Why not have the top guy in the business take a look while in town for the annual World Forum at Beaver Creek? Security is such these days that not only must the roundabouts be cleared – never know when an insurgent from Baghdad might be looking to place an IED – but hospital lobbies and hallways, too, for No. 2 to whisk through. Agents guarded the doors to Steadman Hawkins, while a few others watched the lobby, some reportedly checking out “SportsCenter,” and more were outside with the vehicles, if not completely relaxed, not on trigger alert, either. It’s Vail.And being Vail, tongues wagged. Maybe it’s a ruse to have that ticker checked. Now that would be a big-fish type of story. Alas, Friday night it was a rumor that could neither be confirmed nor undeniably put to rest. Arggh! Beyond Steadman Hawkins, the hospital bustled as normal on a summer day. Be hard to sneak around, and no one saw that. Concern over Cheney’s heart – in the medical sense – indeed is high across the nation. Especially since he’s still widely viewed as the brains of the ticket. Vail, Colorado

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