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Did it with slavery …

More than a thousand people took part in “Day Without Immigrants” festivities Monday in Avon.Over a million participated nationwide.Did they prove anything?Well, yes. And no.They showed that they can be organized into nonviolent, purposeful demonstrations. Just like citizens.But as far as proving that Vail, Colorado or the United States can’t make it without illegal immigrant labor, well, no. Not in one day, anyway.The protests attracted attention to the politics of illegal immigration, to be sure. More hot air, more slogans, more of the same old shouting, most of it off the mark on both sides. At least the demonstrators had enough sense to wave more U.S. flags than Mexican ones – talk about killing your own cause by waving another country’s flag while demanding rights in ours. The simplistic rantings of nativists don’t help much, either. For one, illegal workers do indeed contribute tax revenue, plenty of it, too – through rent, purchases and payroll taxes they can’t get back with the forged documents they use to get those jobs. It’s a mess, but lack of contribution is not the problem.At root there are far more jobs than legal visas. And far more opportunity in the USA than south of the border.The practical answer is pretty simple. Provide enough guest worker documents to cover the jobs. “Illegals” do fill a need. So make them legal. Change the law.Vail, Colorado

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