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This is in reply to the editorial “New standard for patriotism.”It is amazing how a symbol of patriotism is getting so much bad publicity. The author of your latest Quick Takes had it correct. How can we as a nation, let alone a community, be against showing our pride in the country that we live in? I can understand why people might be concerned about the color of the flag pole. Purple is not exactly environmentally friendly when it comes to the local surroundings. But to be so concerned about a flag being to big, I say, “This is America, we do everything bigger and better then everyone else!”So the flag doesn’t “blend” in with the surroundings. Well, what about Wal-Mart? Home Depot? The new Miller Ranch Road’s 280 houses? The people in this valley are so caught up in their huge houses with great views that you forget that there are hard working Americans whose only view is seeing the USA’s greatest symbol of Life, Liberty, and their Pursuit of Happiness flapping in the wind. After 9-11, flags went up all over the country to remind us that even in the face of adversary, this flag, and this nation WILL still stand tall. Is it going to take another horrific tragedy for us as Americans to come together as a nation or can we do it by driving or walking by the greatest view in the whole valley, the Stars and Stripes and feel pride?City Market has just reopened. So please, feel free to shop there. I will be the one who proudly drives the extra mile to shop. But please do not be disrespectful to all the men and women who have served our country, those who gave their lives, and those who are risking their lives today so that the flag can fly. Personally, I can think of nothing greater than to look out my window and see the Red, White and Blue flying proudly against the backdrop of the snow-capped Gore Range! To quote “SouthPark”: “Go America, Go Broncos!” Michael SpaidDaily dumpsWhy is it that the Vail Daily dumps all of its unused newspapers in the recycle dumpsters in Vail Village? And in the bins clearly marked for magazines only?Betsy WiegersVailEditor’s note: Circulation director Mark Bricklin says, “The Vail Village driver dumps all recycled newspapers in the Vail Village recycle area because it is most convenient. We do not have recycle capabilities at the Vail Daily building and the Avon recycle bins have been removed. Recently, the recycle Dumpsters have been switched around and it is possible the driver was confused. I will contact him in this regard.”A criticThis letter is in regards to Butch Mazzuca’s column entitled “The French connection.” I should say first that I am not a member of the left or the right. I agree with many of the well-thought-out and well-researched points from both sides. This column does not fall into this category. Though I do not generally write letters to the editor, upon reading this column I could not hold my tongue, or in this case, keyboard. I found the basic premise of the article that Jacques Chirac is a jerk for not attending Reagan’s funeral ridiculous, and the ‘facts’ used to support this assertion invalid and misleading. Here, I present my main problems in a list for easy consumption:1. The German chancellor is named Gerhard Schroeder, not Helmut. Helmut Kohl is a former German leader. This simple incorrect fact shows the utter lack of research that went into this partisan clap-trap.2. Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin also did not attend the funeral, nor did the vast majority of current world leaders. Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE VERY BUSY. They are world leaders. The French did, however, send an envoy led by former President Valery Giscard d’Estaing and Foreign Minister Michel Barnier. Naturally, this was not mentioned, as it would have shaken the foundations of his simple-minded argument.3. In point of fact, the only current world leaders who were on the guest list were those from Britain, Germany, Nigeria, South Africa, The Czech Republic, Italy, Romania, Lithuania, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. Why didn’t Mazzuca criticize EVERY OTHER LEADER IN THE WORLD? 4. To say that “the French have been the only nation on the Security Council to actively politic against the United States in the United Nations” is ridiculous. First of all, no country actively politics against the U.S., as such. They do so against the dangerous policies of the Bush administration or whichever administration presents a disagreeable idea. Secondly, many members of the U.N., including everyone in the Security Council and even the U.N. secretary general, could be said to “actively politic against Bush'” policies at one time or another. Furthermore, IT IS A GOOD THING WHEN OTHER WORLD LEADERS DO NOT BLINDLY FOLLOW U.S. INTENTIONS. THE U.N. IS A DELIBERATIVE BODY. THEREFORE IT SHOULD ACTUALLY DELIBERATE. The U.S. is the only country to actively hinder this process.5. His statement that “French society continues to generate the greatest manifestation of anti-Semitism in Europe” is amazingly unfounded and truly appalling. What is the basis of this statement, Mr. Mazzuca? The “almost 8 percent of the French population” that is Muslim? Sir, we have a number of Muslims here, too, and being a rational-minded Muslim has nothing to do with anti-Semitism. I have to assume that this is the basis for such a horribly offensive statement, as you offer no other grounds for your assertion.6. Though English is, right now, the most-used language in the world, it will not be for very long. Experts estimate that both Spanish and Chinese will soon overtake it. It seems you are demonstrating the classic Freudian defense mechanism called projection. That is, projecting your fears and insecurities onto others. Apparently you “have never learned to accept” … “the recession of empire.”7. Indeed, the French had multiple monetary interests in the old Iraq, this is one of the only accurate statements that can be found in the entire piece. However, you fail to mention a number of relevant points. Jacque Chirac was not only acting in France’s interests from an oil-related standpoint, he represented the overwhelming opinion of not only his citizens but those in the U.S., Europe and indeed the rest of the world: THIS WAS THE WRONG WAR AT THE WRONG TIME. Bush was acting from an almost purely monetary, oil-related standpoint in attacking Iraq. This is demonstrated by the administration’s almost daily morphing of the justification for the war. Furthermore, any discussion of the history of Iraq MUST include an at least cursory mention of our country’s instrumental role in the rise of Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi military. No one country has sold as many weapons of mass destruction to Iraq as the U.S. Go ahead, Google it. You will find insurmountable factual evidence of the deep ties between the Reagan and Hussein administrations, including a 1983 photo of Rummy, then special envoy to Iraq, shaking hands with a much thinner Saddam Hussein. It is just this kind of unresearched, emotionally driven nonsense that dooms the two-party system to failure and makes so many of us stay home on election day. I appreciate well-reasoned arguments from everywhere on the ideological spectrum, but writing such as this serves no purpose. It actually hinders the cause of the rational-minded right wing. Mazzuca says that he doesn’t believe in organized boycotts, but reactionary partisan drivel like this is exactly what gave rise to the short life of “Freedom Fries” and “Freedom Ticklers.”Please inform yourself and your readers with accurate research.Shaw KetelsEdwards

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