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Didn’t see story in Vail Daily

Brett Linger
Vail, CO, Colorado

On Monday, law enforcement from Avon, Vail and Eagle County spread through Eagle-Vail.

Some of the officers wore military-style combat boots and camouflage fatigues under bulletproof vests. Others wore a more SWAT-like uniform with a black shirt and bold, yellow


A half-dozen patrol cars sat idle with their lights flashing on U.S. Highway 6 for a large part of the afternoon, just two miles from the Vail Daily.

These men (and presumably women) were searching the mountainside above Eagle-Vail looking for a young man who was rumored to be suicidal.

Later, a policeman exiting the woods via my backyard reported that the man was safely in custody.

I turned to the Vail Daily on Tuesday morning to learn more about the events that happened in my backyard (literally). I am surprised to find no mention of this bit of local news.

In fact, the most pressing piece of local news I can find is titled “Don’t feed, touch foxes in Eagle.” What role does the Vail Daily hope to fill when a multi-agency manhunt doesn’t make the news and a wildlife service bulletin headlines it?

Brett Linger


Editor’s note: The report on the incident was published Tuesday online and Wednesday in print. The holiday-level staffing focused on the Memorial Day events Monday, rightly or wrongly. The Daily was the only news organization to cover the episode.

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