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Didn’t stay long at Eagle Town Board meeting

Fredric Butler
Eagle, CO, Colorado

Last Wednesday’s topic of discussion at the Eagle Town Board was lost in the minutiae of design, water tanks and “unresolved” issues. The suits from Kansas were there en masse to evince a professional display of condescension and concession ” beware of Greeks bearing gifts.

I could not but wonder in awe about the delusion that was being foisted on the Town Board and the yokels in attendance; ergo, show the board that RED is conceding to everything staff wants, and therefore Eagle River Station will be a fit within the strictures of the Eagle Area Comprehensive Plan, and what the locals otherwise want as a “lifestyle.”

There is a philosophy at work here in this: Overwhelm us with detail, design and engineering expertise, and perhaps our focus on size, pollution, traffic, density, ambiance and the like will dissipate into tacit acceptance of the project through fatigue and resignation.

Where else have we seen corporate greed and extravagance at work, and its insidious ruination of simple things, like clean air and water, open space, wildlife and a town where children can be children? I would wager that the financial canyons of Wall Street and the strip malls of Kansas City would be evidence of such avarice.

Where the subject of the discussion is a pig, I simply do not have the patience or intrepidness to discuss things so mundane as how to dress it to be more petite, aromatic, and attractive ” it is still, and always will be, a pig.

The wildlife corridors, open space, and compatible densities of which the comprehensive plan addresses should not accommodate the likes of pigs; rather, the interests of children and those who chose to live in a simple country environment should be paramount.

Therefore, my attendance at this last meeting was abbreviated, since I chose not to disguise a pig as a princess.

Fredric Butler

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