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Diet for chipping

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Are your chip shots often chunky or fat? Maybe your chip shots are on the reverse and are thin. Never fear, we have a balanced way to approach these delicate shots that will help lower your total points (score).With chipping, the most important thing that we want to accomplish is to get the ball out of the rough stuff and rolling on the green as soon as possible. I want you to think of the chip shot as a putting stroke. The only difference between the putt and the chip is that with chipping I want you to think that you are putting down.I would ask that you take your putting grip with the club that you are chipping with, ball positioned off the left side of your face (if you’re right-handed); lean to your left, allowing your hands to move forward and simply putt down.The follow through of the chip will not be as long as with the putting stroke because the club will run into the ground since we are putting down. By putting down on the ball versus sweeping the ball, there is less grass to get between the club face and the ball, which allows us to make crisp and clean contact with our chip shots.To change the distance of your shot, simply change the loft of the club that you are chipping with. Hopefully, thinking of your chip shots as a downward putt will help to balance out your short game. Say goodbye to fat or thin chips and lower your score.Brian Hoel is a Chuck Cook Golf Academy Certified Instructor.

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