Dieters doomed at culinary festival |

Dieters doomed at culinary festival

Carolyn Pope
Photo by Carolyn PopeLisa and Richard Chamberlain with Judi Christiano of Bon Appetit

BEAVER CREEK – It took me six months to drop two sizes, and, without some serious self-restraint, I’ll be regretting taking all those clothes to Holy Toledo or pawning them off on friends.The Beaver Creek Culinary Festival is a bane of any dieter unless, of course, you’re on a “see” food diet or spend your mornings snowshoeing up Centennial. The chefs are world-class, the food is outrageous, and the wine, plentiful. Bacchus would be proud.Patrons adore the many dinners prepared in local restaurants by guest chefs. The Chop House and Splendido hosted dinners, and I was fortunate enough to partake in the dinner at the latter restaurant. A multi-course feast was prepared by chefs Ken Frank of La Toque, Jean Claude Canestrier of the Paris Hotel and David Walford of Splendido.

From the seared artisan foie gras with apple and mango to the warm chocolate tart souffle with chocolate fudge and vanilla sauce, each course was impeccably prepared. Oh well, I can always start that diet tomorrow. ==========================================

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Vail, Colorado

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