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Different kind of march

The New York Times Magazine had a couple of interesting stories looking at national politics a couple of weekends ago.

The cover story featured Mark Warner, ex-governor of Virginia and the Democratic contender most likely to wait in the wings if Queen Hillary should stumble in her drive toward the presidency. The story had her pretty much annointed, which would lead to an interesting campaign against the Republicans.

Warner is viewed as a fellow red America might accept. After all, he won the governorship in a red state and did a good job. Of course, given the state of the Dems these days, he’d never get through the primaries. He makes too much sense. Hillary almost does, but their leadership is winking and nodding at her no-doubt completely insincere reach to the middle.

But the story that interested me more was a companion. This story, “Party like it’s 1994,” explores how the Democrats hope to replicate the Republicans’ takeover of Congress. Sigh. Another sign of the Dems’ continuing lack of new ideas. It’s been a long time since FDR. We’re getting on toward Cubs’ visits to the World Series.

The Dems see the “Contract With America” and have come up with “Together, America Can Do Better.” Newt Gingrich, author of the contract, snickers and calls the Democratic mantra the “Contract with San Francisco and Vermont,” according to the article.

But while the Republicans marched into battle in the run-up to the mid-term 1994 elections, the Democrats still look more like a musical band trying to find a common step. They don’t have orders; they have “frames,” that is, suggestions.

The GOP mounted a military campaign that culminated in 1994 with Congress turning over. The voters bought it.

The Democrats fashion themselves on the march for 2006. Harry Reid is drumming furiously, with Nancy Pelosi blaring and the rest in discordant tune.

Still, the Republicans have made such a hash of things that even this sophomoric band could well step to victory. And I’d almost cheer.

I just wish they’d make more sense.

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