Digital TV: Problems follow switch in Colorado |

Digital TV: Problems follow switch in Colorado

David Migoya
The Denver Post

Though some Colorado consumers are still having problems receiving channels that have switched to digital broadcasts, experts say there’s no single solution to the variety of difficulties they’re having.

KMGH-Channel 7, KUSA-Channel 9 and KTVD-Channel 20 last week switched to digital broadcasts, and other stations are set to follow June 12.

Since Thursday, hundreds of frustrated viewers have called the Federal Communications Commission hotline and the stations to complain that they are not receiving the digital programs.

Most frequently, it turns out, the problems are not at the television stations but right at home with the equipment the consumer is using.

“Rescanning the television to locate the new channels was the most prevalent thing viewers called about,” said Byron Grandy, general manager at KMGH. “We’re doing ground tests this week to be sure our antenna is doing what it’s supposed to be doing.”

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The FCC took more than 250 calls Thursday, the first day of digital-only broadcasts for those stations. The bulk? Difficulty receiving a signal.

That was Neil Slade’s problem in Congress Park. His two digital televisions and one analog set with a converter box had different problems. By Tuesday, he was able to figure out why the sets could get one of the two major channels but not the other.

At first, he was insistent the problem was “definitely not isolated” and was widespread. By day’s end, he had determined it was how his television scanned for new channels. “It just took so long to unravel,” he said.

The key is to refer to your television owner’s manual. If unsuccessful, contact the manufacturer at the telephone number listed in the book.

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