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Dilated Peoples come to Avon Friday

Lindsey Grossman
VAIL CO, Colorado
Special to the Daily

These denizens of the underground hip-hop scene bring their West Coast beats back to the Colorado mountains. After pursuing successful solo projects, Dilated Peoples has come back together for their first album since 2006, scheduled to come out this year.

“‘Directors of Photography’ is our next album and we’re extremely excited about the project,” Michael Peretta, aka Evidence, told Brooklyn Bodega in an interview.

Officially formed as a trio in 1998, the group consists of emcee/producer Evidence, “turntablist” DJ Babu and emcee Rakaa Iriscience. While “This Way” remains the group’s claim to fame – a collaboration in 2004 with Xzibit and Kanye West – a strong fanbase has been built up from more than two decades’ worth of underground hits (both as a group and as individuals) via clubs and hip hop radio.

In an interview with Australia’s Onion Magazine, Rakaa talks about their approach as a group versus their approach to solo projects.

“The process is the same – push limits and keep it 100 percent real with each other at all times. We pay attention to what’s out there but we know what we bring to the table, too. We’ve been very busy with solo projects and specialty campaigns but we have never taken our foot off of the neck of the industry,” he said.

Rakaa also offers some insight into the new album.

“We’ve done a lot of experimentation, worked with a lot of different people and tried a lot of different things,” Rakaa said. “With this record, we wanted to really get back to a real, uncut pure vision and get back to the pure, boom-bap sound that really made us all get together as people and want to make music together.”

Lindsey Grossman works for Rocky Mountain Entertainment, the promoter of this show.

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