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Dirt removal work to take place near Edwards Corner

Daily staff report
The parcel of land where dirt removal will take place in Edwards.
Eagle County

Eagle County has issued a grading permit for Tract T in Edwards, located on the hillside between Edwards Corner and the Edwards Commercial Park. Work is expected to begin within the next two weeks.

The intent is to remove approximately 28,000 cubic yards of soil from Tract T for use as fill for the Edwards Spur Road and roundabout project. The property will then be regraded. No development plan has been approved for the parcel.
Traffic control signs will be in place to alert motorists of haul trucks traveling between the two construction sites. The flow of trucks is anticipated to be minor, at about three per hour. Eagle County will monitor for any issues that arise related to the excavation or haul traffic. 
The property owner will be required to revegetate all disturbed areas after soil removal is complete.

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