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Disappointed by us

Robert Crawford - Eagle

I realize that I will now be labeled an anti-American, communist, flag burner. But the truth is that I was the first person to be waving the flag after 9-11. I had a flag in the back window of my truck on the evening of 9-11, and one on my balcony.

I was horrified that anyone could use God to promote murder of that magnitude. As time wore on after 9-11, I started to be scared by my own people. We wrapped our vengeance in our flag. People that weren’t talking of revenge were literally booed off stage.

Those strikes against our country were the worst terror. They were led by someone that has misinterpreted their religion, just as the KKK did. Yes, our world should be rid of them, but not everyone with the same skin color as them.

I’m sorry, but that is not what our flag is about. Our flag used to be about protecting the people of the world that couldn’t protect themselves. Now the Denver Post tells us that 58 percent of the world sees the U.S. as a deterrent to world peace. Ms. Universe will never get her wish if we continue the way we are.

If I hear one more word about our freedom being in jeopardy, I’m going to puke! Forget weapons of mass destruction, there were no ties to Al-Qaida! We have lost some freedoms of late, for sure, but only by our own administration.

The press has written some scary articles about the loss of over 200 American lives over what we call our fight for freedom. The Denver Post reported that conservative counts for dead Iraqi civilians is well over 3,000. That doesn’t account for any Iraqi military. I’m not a big Bush fan, but I know that I wouldn’t be very happy if another country came into our country to rid me of our terrible leader, killed 3,000 civilians, and told me that it was for my own good. Why is it that Iraqi civilian life doesn’t have same worth as American civilian life?

Remember, we went there to rid them of their terrible leader (and he was). Was there another reason? We would not have gone and killed thousands of people for oil, would we have? Not my country. I don’t have to remind anyone how we felt after over 3,000 of our family were murdered. Why would our country manipulate intelligence to go and kill?

That was Dick Cheney that was doing that manipulation, the same vice president that ran the corporation that got all of the oil-rebuilding contracts without bidding. Are you kidding me? Well, Bill Clinton cheated on his wife. I’m going to have to move out of town after this letter. I know, I know, love it or leave it. I’m not giving up that easily. I still love my country, but some parts scare me. OK, Butch, Joy, Marty, Michael, Paul. You can thank me for giving you someone to lambaste this week.

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