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Disc jerk follows heart to jail

Scott Cunningham

A disc jockey was charged with unlawful sexual conduct on Nov. 30 for repeatedly grabbing the buttocks of a cocktail waitress after she had told him several times, forcefully, to stop. The man stated to Eagle County Sheriff’s deputies that she “was leaning against the bar sticking her butt out and wanted him to grab it.” He also stated that he is a “bar man” and has to “follow his heart” and that is why he repeatedly touched her after she asked him not to.Video games informing lifeFive unidentified male suspects stole a copy of the “Grand Theft Auto” video game at a Vail toy store Nov. 27. While some of the thieves distracted the store clerk, the others grabbed the game from behind the counter. There are no leads.Broken storyA man drove through one of the wooden gates at the Vail parking garage Nov. 29. Contacted later by telephone, the man explained he’d come into town for dinner, during the free parking hours, and when he was leaving, he put his ticket into the machine and the gate lifted, but as he was driving through it closed on his vehicle. He claims not have realized that the gate broke. He’s paying for its replacement.Works just like the real thingA speeder in Avon was stopped by an Eagle County Sheriff’s deputy, who found drug paraphernalia and a glass container possibly containing marijuana. The suspect claimed the green leafy substance was “fake” marijuana. He was issued a summons on the charge of possession of paraphernalia.Tired of standing aroundA 3-foot carved wooden bear disappeared from a Vail deck on Nov. 30. The bruins whereabouts remain a mystery.Mad at his reflectionAn unknown aggressor kicked out two Plexiglas panels at a Vail bus stop Dec. 4. There are no leads and the case is inactive.The Long, strange trip is overA man’s entire snowboard set-up was stolen from his vehicle in the Beaver Creek West Day Lot Nov. 17. In addition, 200 CDs were taken, including all of his Grateful Dead and Dick’s Picks albums.Refined rageA road rage incident in Beaver Creek led to two motorists being arrested for driving under the influence on Nov. 15. A Beaver Creek security employee observed two vehicles stop near her station. Then one driver exited his vehicle and approached the other. Words were exchanged, and the suspect who was outside began punching the driver inside the other vehicle. Eagle County Sheriff’s officers caught up with the two men on Highway 6, where they had stopped again and were continuing to argue.The Captain Crunch is mineTwo Avon roommates got into an argument Nov. 15 that resulted in one pulling a gun on the other. According to another roommate, the two were punching each other when one pulled out a Mossberg 12-gauge shotgun and pointed it at the other. The roommate who brandished the weapon was arrested for prohibited use of weapons.Jail bullyAn Eagle County Detention Center inmate allegedly harassed another inmate on Nov. 18. When the victim sat down to eat lunch with the suspect and three other inmates, the suspect told him he was a “snitch” and that he didn’t eat with “rats, homos, or rapists.” The victim tried to walk away and avoid a confrontation, but the aggressor threw a meal tray at him. The harasser, who previously broke another inmate’s jaw, was charged with menacing.ParanoidA man with a warrant out for his arrest was caught in Avon Nov. 21. An Avon Police officer approached the man in a parking lot and asked him “how he was doing,” and the man turned around and walked hurriedly away, saying, “Why are you harassing me?” Ironically, the man was wanted for harassment, domestic violence and wiretapping in Eagle County. He was arrested and transported to the Eagle County Detention Center.Control Congress, get exempt from tickets?A speeder on I-70 turned a routine traffic stop into a high-speed chase in Avon Nov. 24. Avon Police clocked a vehicle doing 89 mph in a 65 mph zone, while noting that the suspect was driving erratically. As the officer drove up behind the vehicle, the driver exited into Avon without signaling or slowing down. Almost hitting another police vehicle, the driver squealed around the first roundabout before heading west on W. Beaver Creek Boulevard. When the vehicle finally stopped on Sun Road, a passenger leaped from the vehicle and started to run away, but Avon Police called for him to stop and he complied. After contacting the driver, it was clear he was under the influence of alcohol. Asked if he would consent to roadside maneuvers, the suspect said, “No, because I’m a damn Republican.” He also threatened to counter-sue, claimed the Avon Police had no business out on the highway, and declared that his commanding officer is the President of the United States. He was charged with driving under the influence and reckless driving. His passenger claimed he ran because he was afraid of the driver’s behavior.

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