Discount sporting goods store opens in Gypsum |

Discount sporting goods store opens in Gypsum

Katie Drucker
Gypsum, CO Colorado
Kristin Anderson/EnterpriseEd Martinez, manager of the Gear Box, sells gear that is new and gear that is on consignment in Gypsum, Colorado.

GYPSUM, Colorado ” The days of just wishing for cheaper outdoor gear are over.

Gear Box, a mountain sports store, has opened in Gypsum, Colorado in the Caddis Corner complex near Costco.

Gear Box carries consignment gear for snowboarding, skiing, snowshoeing, hockey and more. Come springtime, gear for warm weather activities will be available. Stylish and brand-name outerwear is also in stock.

“We have a gamut of brands ” we pretty much have everything,” store manager Ed Martinez said. “If it involves toys, we dabble in it.”

Shoppers aren’t the only ones getting good deals. Consigners get 60 percent of the money made from their merchandise.

“We all have toys sitting in our garage and closet that can be of use to other people,” Martinez said. “Plus, it keeps a lot of equipment out of the ground ” it has a huge environmental impact.”

In addition to consigned merchandise, Gear Box works with retailers in both Eagle County and the Roaring Fork Valley to offer closeouts. The store also works with local industry representatives to sell leftover samples. This enables Gear Box shoppers to get brand-new merchandise at heavily discounted prices.

Although customers can get great deals, Martinez said the store carries quality merchandise for savvy customers.

Gear Box owner Steve Hill said he’s planned to open this store for six years.

“Finally the stars aligned and the timing was right. It only made sense,” Martinez said.

The timing certainly was right.

Gear Box opened about three weeks ago, just as the valley began feeling the effects of the economy, and as people started gearing up for the winter season.

“The economy has absolutely helped business,” Martinez said.

In addition to the shaky economy, Martinez said the location of Gear Box is ideal.

“With Costco being right next door, we figured it would bring in a lot of traffic ” and it has,” says Martinez. “The community has been very receptive.”

Gear Box is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information call (970) 777- GEAR (4327) or e-mail

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