Discoveries of self In Costa Rica |

Discoveries of self In Costa Rica

Lauren Mutter

Throughout their lives, people often will experience something that has a life-changing impact on them. For the last year, my senior class has worked very hard to raise funds for a mission trip to Costa Rica. We achieved our goal, and in March we headed to Costa Rica.-

Before the trip, I was very nervous, because I wasn’t sure what to expect.-Many people said that it was going to be dangerous so I was told to be careful.-Others said I would have the time of my life.-

As we arrived in Costa Rica, Youth with a Mission, the group that was organizing our mission work, welcomed us with a “Welcome Team Colorado” sign.- Immediately, I felt very comfortable about the whole situation. Throughout our mission work, local children constantly ran up to us with open arms waiting for hugs, and many of them just wanted to be loved.-

My most memorable experience was when our group went to a local church on Palm Sunday.-Our group arrived just in time for the praise worship.-When we walked in the church, many people were looking at us, but we knew that we were all there for the same reason ” to praise God.-

After the praise service, we had the chance to get to know the children by playing different kinds of games. I had the opportunity to really get to know a very cute girl named Mariel, who was 8 years old.-

We spent all day together getting to know each other better and better.-Later that night, we presented a Sunday school lesson to the children.-We sang songs and then presented a skit. Shortly after teaching Sunday school, we joined the church service with the children and their parents.-Because their culture is so different, it was exciting for us to be there. Everyone was dressed very nicely, unlike we are for church service in the United States.-

Mariel sat on my lap through the whole service.-She kept hugging me and talking to me in Spanish, which I wasn’t able to understand very well.-Although she spoke Spanish, we still could communicate with each other.-At the end of the church service, the whole church turned and prayed for us.-Many kids in my class were very touched, and it meant a lot to us. -As the church service came to an end, we all walked out together with our new friends and had to say our goodbyes.-

As Mariel and I said goodbye to each other, she found someone right away who could speak English because she wanted to tell me something.- She told a classmate that she wanted me to go home with her.-She started crying when I said that I couldn’t and finally said she wanted me to take her home with me. I broke down in tears when I gave her my last hug. She and I didn’t want to say goodbye to each other.-As I got into the bus she said, “Lauren, I love you!”-As we started to drive off, she ran after the bus waving. I will never forget what an amazing girl Mariel is.-

The trip to Costa Rica was a great experience. I not only got to meet new people, but I also got to see how God touched so many hearts in my class.-I know that this is a trip that my classmates and I will never forget.-

Vail Colorado

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