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Disrespect of voters

Bob Essin
Vail, CO Colorado

Disrespect of voters seems to be at an all-time high at the national level, in Colorado and in Eagle County. Some suspected it in the beginning, but it is clear after all the articles and even books by President Bush employees that we were hurried to a possible unnecessary war by Bush administration predisposition. Here in Colorado, disregard of TABOR by Governor Ritter on school taxes is another disrespect of the voters. Eagle County Commissioners disregard of bond issue results regarding day care for children and now proceeding with the new justice center are both examples of disrespect for the voters. I was in favor of the bond issue and would vote in favor of a new courthouse or justice center; but I cannot support either unless it is done the right way. Couching the justice center as a sale and lease buyback (or whatever they want to call it) is just a legal technicality to get around Tabor. Figure in all the costs and it’s still the same thing. Do it the right way and submit it to the voters or get rid of TABOR. I encourage voters not to vote for any candidate in any election, Independent, Republican or Democrat, that will disrespect and disregard the voters. It’s hard to have a crystal ball to know in advance, but read carefully how they answer questions (or don’t answer them) and what their previous actions have been if they are an incumbent. It’s a beautiful day in Colorado.

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