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Distraught man’s run-in with police shuts down busy Eagle street

Eagle Valley Enterprise Staff
Eagle, CO Colorado

EAGLE, Colorado –Eagle police recently shut down one of Eagle’s busiest streets during the afternoon drive time when a distraught man refused to cooperate with officers and proceeded to repeatedly slam his vehicle into one of the walls of his garage.

According to the police report, officers were called to a Capitol Street address to perform a welfare check on a resident who was reportedly suicidal. When they arrived, they discovered a vehicle running inside a closed garage.

The responding officer opened the garage door and noted that carbon monoxide fumes had built up inside. He immediately called fire and ambulance crews to the scene. The police report estimates the man had been inside the closed-up garage for approximately 20 minutes.

The officer asked the man to exit the vehicle to talk. The man refused and eventually made a threatening comment about having guns inside the car. According to the report, the responding officer was familiar with the man’s background and he took the threat seriously.

The man then being revved the vehicle’s engine and narrowly missed hitting the officer. The Eagle police officer called for backup and a second officer arrived on the scene and parked his car to block the garage driveway. The man accelerated and attempted to back out of the garage, but his rear hatch door was up and it prevented the car from moving.

At this point, officers closed off the street as a precautionary measure and the man attempted to drive through the front wall of his garage, spinning his tires and ramming into the wall.

According to the report, officers on the scene decided to forcibly subdue the man before he hurt himself or others. An Eagle cop successfully used a Taser to incapacitate the distraught man.

Medical personnel on the scene checked the man and he was then transported to the hospital. According to the report, en route he apologized for his actions and asked how much trouble he was facing.

He was charged with eight counts of attempting to assault a police officer, menacing, obstruction, criminal mischief and a parole violation.

Car mischief

Imagine a thief stole the keys to your car, then kept messing around with your vehicle.

That’s the case for one Gypsum woman. The woman said someone stole her car keys about two years ago during a break-in at her house, according to an Eagle County Sheriff’s Office report.

Ever since, strange things keep happening. She has discovered car windows open when she knew she had closed them. Once, the gas tank read nearly empty even though she had recently filled it.

Recently, a pack of cigarettes appeared in the car that belonged to neither the woman nor her family. The woman reported the strange findings to police on July 9. She told police she plans to get rid of her car in a month or so.

Along with the car antics, the woman suspects someone has been visiting her home. She finds windows unlocked that she knew had been locked before. Plus, she found a lamp she never uses turned on.

Victim to offender

Eagle cops were recently called to the scene of a local business on a report of two men fighting.

When they arrived, officers learned one of the men had left the area on foot. While searching the area, police learned the man they were looking for had been escorted out of another local tavern.

According to the police report, when officers arrived at the second bar, the operators said the man had come inside and gone directly to the bathroom. Bar personnel followed him, asked him to leave and escorted him from the premises. However, after he left, another patron told the bar operators that the man had just kicked and broken an irrigation box located along Broadway.

Police eventually caught up with the man and surmised that he has actually been the victim in the initial assault report. However, by breaking the irrigation box, his status changed to offender. Additionally, officers learned the man had an active restraining order prohibiting him from consuming alcohol.

The town of Eagle was contacted to determine the cost of repairs.

Have you seen this man’s canoe?

On July 7, a man told police his canoe had been stolen from the lake at Two Rivers Village in Dotsero, a sheriff’s report said.

The main said he pulled his canoe onto the grass near his Dotsero home on July 4 at 6 p.m. Around 5 p.m. July 5, he noticed the boat was gone. This is no ordinary canoe, either. The hull of a sailboat, the fiberglass boat features a hole in the front where a mast could attach. Red and white, the boat sports an old, yellow Forest Service registration sticker. The boat is worth $3,000.

Car break-ins

A set of speakers disappeared from a Gypsum woman’s car during a break-in earlier this month. The woman told police the speakers went missing from her Chevrolet Tracker between 4 and 9 a.m. on July 5. The 10-inch speakers in dark gray boxes are worth $350.

Elsewhere on Lost Lane in Gypsum, a man reported a stereo theft from his 1997 Pontiac during the same time period. The black Alpine CD/stereo is worth about $300.

Neither car had been locked. The thefts are part of a string of July 5 car break-ins in Gypsum that prompted the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office to issue a press release urging residents to lock their cars.

Miscellaneous mischief

• Police were called to an Eagle Ranch home last week on report of two men fighting. When they arrived, officers found the two suspects and a bloody scene. One man was missing part of an ear and one man was missing part of a finger. The two suspects maintained they were friends, but they had been drinking and started fighting. Neither could give a reason for the bloody brawl and they offered to ride to the hospital in the same ambulance. Neither man pressed charges.

• Police responded to a burglar alarm at a local business during the early morning hours of July 6. The alarm sounded at 4:25 a.m. and the business owners discovered a window had been broken at the rear of the building. After a walk-through, the owners reported nothing appeared to be missing but a large rock was located that had obviously been used to break the window. Police collected fingerprints from the area.

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