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District Attorney won’t charge man in Summit High School gun incident

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District Attorney Mark Hurlbert announced Wednesday there will be no charges for the Park County man who was seen at Summit High School with a rifle in his car.

It was alleged that the man was on the High School property with a rifle and a semi-automatic weapon. It was also alleged that he was loading a clip with ammunition. Further investigation found no semi-automatic rifle and no ammunition, but a .22 caliber rifle that he kept in his truck to hunt. The rifle was unloaded.

After reviewing the relevant statutes, officials determined that the individual did not knowingly carry the rifle onto school property.

“He certainly may have been reckless or negligent,” Hurlbert’s office said in a press release. “But to prove a crime, we would have to show he knowingly carried the weapon on to the school property.”

The District Attorney’s Office reminded that it is not advisable to bring any weapon onto school grounds. A person who knowingly brings a deadly weapon onto school property can be charged with a felony and face up to 18 months in prison. People should be vigilant with their firearms and not bring them to the schools, even if they are on their way to hunt or target practice.

The District Attorney’s Office said it realizes the importance of children’s safety in the community, and it commended Summit School District for its quick and appropriate action during the incident.

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